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Assessment Of Professional Competencies Of Mentors In The Engineering Profile Of Schoolchildren

Table 1:

Assessment Positions Criteria
General cultural development Demonstrates literacy of records (correct use of terms, statements, correct presentation of reasoning, conclusions, completeness)
Presents the solution of the problem, arguing and scientifically substantiating own conclusions (including using the means of interpretation and visualization of the information)
General professional development Demonstrates the knowledge of methods and ways of solving engineering and technology problems
Demonstrates the completeness of the solution.
Demonstrates the right decision.
Deals with scientific methods of cognition
Interaction with participants of educational and project activities -
Methodological support Demonstrates the skills of using solution visualization tools and its results with the help of various tools
Self-development and self-education Uses data from additional sources
Demonstrates knowledge and command of non-standard solution methods or presents their own solution method based on a combination of well-known ones
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