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Triple-P A Major Key In Parenting Nowadays

Table 1:

Program Level Target Group Brief Content Description Progress
Level 1Universal Level Universal prevention is aimed at all those who want to learn about education and promote good child development. General information and support for the implementation of positive educational strategies. Participants are informed and motivated with Triple-P materials(video, brochures and tips)
Level 2Triple-P Counselling and Lectures This Level is addressed to parents who are informed about children's education, parents who want to know positive ways of raising children. Support, guidance and answers to parents' questions. A counselling or, when the case requires, several. Three lectures on positive education with a final round of free talks on educational themes and Triple-P strategies.
Level 3Triple-P Short counselling with default exercises Parents who have specific questions related to the behaviour or development of their children. Parents who want to learn certain educational strategies. Through active training and brief counselling, the Triple-P trainer presents some positive strategies for parents. At this level, up to 4 short counsellors can be trained with a Triple-P trainer.
Level 4Triple-P Parent Training Intensive program for parents who want to learn how to better master their children’s behaviour problem. This level goes on three variants: for parents with children up to 12 years old, teenagers and children with a slight degree of disability. The program is presented and supported only by Triple-P Classified Staff. It is centred on the interaction between parents and children. Mediation of parents using educational strategies, the spectrum being wider than in the previous level. 4 Group meetings and 4 phone sessions over an 8-week period.Individual training over a longer period of time.
Level 5Triple-P Plus Parents who attended Triple-P Parental Training Level 4 and want more detailed counselling for more difficult issues (for example: family quarrels between partners). Individual and intensive educational counselling. Approximately 7-10 client-centred individual sessions.
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