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Corporate Management Of Labor Rationing In Conditions Of Digital Modernization

Table 2:

Name Functional abilities
Automated systems of working time recording
FRV-prof It is used for automated measurement of working time by the method of "Photography of working time." The programme makes it possible to visually show the results, and analyze them immediately after the measurement. When the measurement is finished, the user receives the structure of working time, an assessment of the standards for the observed operations and the ability to record proposals for improving processes
Hamburg Score Makes it possible to take a photograph of working time, to record the task performance, to conduct a questionnaire of personnel and to evaluate the accuracy of information about labor costs and the efficiency of working time use.
CrocoTime Allows making automatic monitoring of time when working at the computer, recording of meetings and telephone calls. The time tracking function allows you to calculate the time for the implementation of the project, for the implementation of specific tasks within the project and to evaluate the contribution of each of its participants.
Motivate Clock It is used to plan working time and to track the actual results of work, allows keeping track of the time spent in various applications and browsers; makes it possible to create personal projects for each task, to track the time spent and to analyze the statistics of personal effectiveness.
Automated systems of technical rationing
TS-Norm It is used to automate the regulation of technological production processes, to determine the time required for the manufacturing of products.
Automated system SKAT-M It is used to assess the structural and technological complexity and to plan the complexity of machine-building parts of the body type in the absence of a developed technological process for their manufacturing
Automated systemASTN It is used to provide the tasks of rationing of labor costs for the manufacturing of a machine-building product and can be used to solve a number of problems of technological preparation of production.
STN Allows rationing of the labor costs of manufacturing of products based on machine-building aggregated standards and other time standards.
SAPR TP «RULER» It is used for a rational calculation of the complexity of manufacturing of products according to design documentation.
Automated systems for microelement and factor labor rationing
IS.Micro-norm It is used to automate the calculation of time norms by microelement standardization method for manual labor processes in various types of work in various industries.
PO FN-prof Allows determining of the number of staff by establishing a linear relationship between the number of employees and the factor
PO MOST – prof It is used for microelement rationing of processes and operations
PO SOP-prof It is used for analyzing of the technological process at the operational level, typifying of jobs and developing of labor costs standards.
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