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Corporate Management Of Labor Rationing In Conditions Of Digital Modernization

Table 1:

Types of work Initial information Output indicators
Individual, continuous photographing of working time by a special observer 1. Characteristics of the work performed2. Actual working time consuming 1. Projected working time consuming
Carrying out time observations of the operation with a component by a special observer Characteristics of the operation with a componentThe table «Normative values for time series stability »Time series for operation elements The average duration of the element of the operation 2. The total duration of the operation (operational time)
Monthly performance reporting Actual working time data-man/hourData on the worked out standard hours Compliance with standards – by workers, by sections, by the workshop in general
Comparative analysis of standards, rates and actual working time Statement of rates and pricesRate cardsTiming cards Coefficients of correlation between standards, rates and actual working time
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