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Russian Retail: Creation Of A Comfortable Consumer Environment In Conditions Of Consolidation

Table 2:

The objectives of the assortment policy of retail based on a customer-oriented approach Creating a comfortable consumer environment in the regional consumer market
Definition of criteria for a rational assortment (depth, stability, novelty) The most complete satisfaction of the truly substantiated needs of different segments of consumers
Ensuring the physical accessibility of food for the population of the region, including in sparsely populated and remote areas Distribution system development in the region
Focus on product quality Ensuring access to safe, quality food and non-food products for consumers
Orientation to assortment characteristics of goods Ensuring accessibility for consumers of food and non-food products in the required assortment
Orientation to the quantitative characteristics of goods Providing consumers with food and non-food products in the required quantity
Orientation to the cost characteristics of goods Price competition, ensuring affordable prices
Assortment update Meeting new needs with new products
Assortment sustainability Satisfaction of demand for the same goods (if there is a steady demand for them, most often these are goods of group A)
Presence in the assortment of goods of local manufacturers Interaction with regional manufacturers
The presence in the assortment of goods of their own brand The original range of retail, reasonable prices
Customer oriented assortment strategy Improving the quality of life of the population in the region
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