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Pre-Revolutionary Stage Of Russian History Of Project Management Evolution

Table 1:

Time period Name of the stage. Examples of the projects, Data source Project management evolution: new elements, functions, methods, etc.
1607-1621 “Charter of military, cannon and other affairs” Guidelines for “inventory management”
1806 Construction Committee и Construction Department were established “Quality management” elements
1787 and 1818-1858 Construction of Kazan Cathedral and St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg “Manufacturing and labor resources management” functions
1811 Reference book of the “Determined register” “Time management” elements
1813 Voronov V., Major General – timing observations while working on trenches Basics of “control of production processes”
18251832 The following regulatory documents were published: “Regulation on the amount of material,” “Determined register,” “Determined Regulation”“Building bylaw” Basics of standardization of the materials consumption, time and resources cost.The first works on the systematization of management methods of M.M. Speranskij
1889 The first technical requirements for project engineering and construction of railways “Quality management” elements.Basics of management of project and execution of work
1900 A number of rules and regulations for project and operation of electrical devices were introduced “Quality management” elements. Basics of management of project and exploitation of new products
1905-1915 Data on the construction of the bridge over the Oka in Murom (1910-1912) New organizational and technological models:Production schedule – sequence diagramFinancial management on the basis of “costs estimation diagram”
1906-1911 Reforms and “Long-term program of social and economic development of Russia” Development of practical methods of program-target management by P.A. Stolypin
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