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Quality Management In Precast Concrete Industry: Problems And Perspectives

Table 3:

Input Loss type Possible solutions (QMS tools) Expected effect Feasibility of using
Loss due to overproduction Checklists The application is received “just in time” with the help of checklists and each department is informed about its business processes The using is appropriate and allows to combine different profile units in one system, the CRMsystem is possible to be used
Losses due to additional steps to correct the deficiency (elimination of defects) Ishikawa Chart The reason is revealed with the help of a graphical image shaped like a fish skeleton This type of analysis presents a possibility to visualize the processes which have the highest % of remediable defects and allows to reengineer the process
Losses due to extra inventory JIT system Reducing the cost of products storage "produce what is exactly needed, just in time" Individually for each kind of manufacture.Suitable with only permanent customer base.
Losses due to defected products Control cards of V. Shukhart Identifying of defective products proportion, the number of defected products and the number of defects through the sample Automatic registration of defects allows to identify the most inefficient process
Losses due to unnecessary relocation of workers during the manufacture 5S Every employee knows where their working tools are. A simple system to be implementated, fast adaptability, suitable for any enterprise.
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