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Quality Management In Precast Concrete Industry: Problems And Perspectives

Table 1:

Company Products produced by the company Results of implementation “6 Sigma”/ Lean technology
Group of Companies "Izhsintez - Decoration Materials" Construction and outfitting materials Reducing the cost of eliminating the mistakes of performers by 36%
Kursk Factory of construction structures Sandwich panels for walls and roofs, fencing and fireproof structures streamline the staffing structure by 12 %;cost reduction of the manufacture and storage of non-popular products by 17%
Saransk Facing Brick Factory Ceramic facing brick, standard brick reduction of defect by 58%;working time optimization;increasing of working capacity
Precast Concrete Products Industry №13 Iskitim Novosibirsk region Hollow slabs Reduction of costs for waste and storage of defected products by 18.4%
Combine building materials №10 city of Rostov-on-Don Reinforced concrete products, reinforcing mesh and frames Reductions with costs by 23% by reducing the costs of disposal and storage of defected products
Voronezh combine of building materials Reinforced concrete products • increasing of production capacity;• streamline the staffing structure;• simplification of organizational structure
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