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To Identification Issue Of The Regional Banks Category: Methodical Approaches

Table 1:

Activity goals Commercial;Region oriented
Activity geography Only in a region where the executive body of bank operates;In adjacent regions;In regions of relevant federal district
Capital value Differentiated approach depending on the degree of region differentiation (established by the Bank of Russia). Limit value - 1 billion rubles.
Capital sources Regional capital as a result of the reproduction process; Budget resources
Founders Economic entities, population, authorities of the subject of Federation and local government
Property type Private, state, mixed
Service sector Small and medium enterprises, population, government bodies, financial organizations
Size of assets Established by the Bank of Russia depending on the differentiation degree of a region
Nature of activity Universal;Specialized
Restrictions Limit of open currency positions (established by the Bank of Russia);Prohibition of opening correspondent accounts in offshore;Prohibition of the placement of bank capital to non-residents;Performing cross-border transactions through correspondent accounts of Russian banks that are not regional;Prohibition of the purchase of high-risk securities;Acquisition of securities included in the Lombard list of the Bank of Russia
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