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Risk Assessment Of Terrorist Acts Based On Study Of Diversity Of Objectives

Table 2:

Year Objective type Event of the year
1997 1) social infrastructure; 2) government; 3) police and army; 4) individuals and property частные. January 27- presidential and parliamentary elections were held in Chechnya, which were held under the control of illegal armed gangs;September 13-negotiations in Dagomys on the preparation to sign political treaty between Russia and Chechnya.
2004 1) infrastructure; 2) police and army; 3) government; 4) enterprises (business). March 14 - Presidential Election was held;June 21- The Second Chechen War: an armed attack by Chechen and Ingush militants on Ingushetia;August 21-The Second Chechen War: 400 militants attacked Grozny.August 24-a suicide bombing on the board of two passenger planes of domestic flights;September 1-the seizure by terrorists of a school in Beslan.
2015 1) police and army; 2) social infrastructure. July 3 - the adoption of patriotic "stop list" of 12 organizations whose activities are undesirable in Russia;September 30 - permission to use the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Syria;October 31 - the collapse of the liner of the Russian airline "Kogalymavia" in Sinai.
2017 1) police and army; 2) social infrastructure. December 6 - statement on the complete release of the Syrian Arab Republic from the militants of the "Islamic State" (reserved in the Russian Federation).December 18 - start of the presidential election campaign.
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