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Banks’ Organizational Characteristics And Adoption Of Crm In Agricultural Bank’s Branches

Table 1:

Variable Direct effect Indirect effect
The size of organization Perceived usefulness -0.021 Adoption (0.302)*(-0.021)=-0.0063
The size of organization Perceived ease of use-0.013 Adoption (0.327)*(-0.013)=-0.0042
CRM knowledge Perceived usefulness -0.013 Adoption (0.302)*(-0.013)=-0.0039
CRM knowledge Perceived ease of use0.243 Adoption (0.327)*( 0.243)= 0.079
Innovation Perceived ease of use0.101 Adoption (0.302)*( 0.101)= 0.0305
Innovation Perceived ease of use0.091 Adoption (0.327)*( 0.091)= 0.029
Perceived ease of use Perceived usefulness 0.422
Perceived usefulness System adoption 0.302
Perceived ease of use System adoption 0.327
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