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Collaborative Mitigation Strategies And Supply Chain Risk Management: Information Processing Theory Perspective

Table 1:

Definitions References
Flexibility Flexibility is the ability to respond quickly to unpredictable conditions and it is an important measure to provide resilience. It is seen as intrinsic talent and different concept than agility. A system can be flexible without agility. Behzadi, O’Sullivan, Olsen, & Zhang, (2017) Braunscheidel & Suresh (2009)
Responsiveness Responsiveness is to respond to the consumer's wishes Braunscheidel & Suresh (2009)
Visibility It means to be able to see the supply chain from beginning to end and it depends on collaboration relationship. To increase SC visibility, sharing information among supply chain members is a key strategy Christopher & Lee, (2004)
SCRM culture SCRM culture describes the strengthening, sharing of SCRM-related values, and beliefs between the organization and its supply chain partners Fan et al., (2017)
Retention Retention is the adoption of all risk and doing nothing Petersen & Lemke (2015)
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