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The Islamic Treatment For Drug Addict: A Case Study At Madrasah Anharol-Ulum, Thailand

Table 1:

Sunday to Thursday
0350 hours Qiamullail and congregational Fajr prayer
0600 hours Mentor-mentee programme
0625 hours Reciting Qur’an and Iqra learning
0650 hours Food preparation and breakfast
0750 hours Class (Morning session)
1050 hours Qailullah(Power Nap)
1150 hours Self-preparation
1230 hours Congregational Zuhrprayer and tausiah(lecture)
1340 hours Lunch
1400 hours Class (Afternoon session)
1540 hours Preparation for congregational ‘Asrprayer
1730 hours Group activities and dinner
1900 hours Congregational Maghribprayer, lecture, Iqralearning and reciting Qur’an, and revision
2100 hours Group gather
2130 hours Sleep
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