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Problems Of Team Formation And Functioning In Modern Conditions

Table 1:

Team role Functions Personal qualities
Chairman (co-ordinator) Formulates goals, generalizes the opinion of the group, makes decisions, distributes responsibilities. Unites the efforts of the members of the group into a single whole, directs them to achieve the group's goals. Sane mind, strong character, calm, self-confident, reserved, able to listen, logical, decisive, personal charm, self-discipline, authoritative.
Organizer Gives the plans of the group a real form, organizes the fulfillment of specific tasks, exerts pressure and motivates the group to act. Strong character, organizational skills, self-discipline, obligatory, conservative, practical, determined, reliable, dynamic, purposeful, strong-willed, energetic, energetic, defiant, hates losing.
Generator of idea (thinker) Generates ideas, solves non-standard problems. Intelligent, inventive, has a rich imagination, intelligence, giftedness, creativity.
Resource investigator Collects information, explores opportunities, establishes contacts, is the link with the external environment. Extraverted, enthusiastic, sociable, energetic, engaged, knows how to come together people.
Evaluator of ideas (Monitor- Evaluator) (mathematician, critic, judge, adviser) Seeing and analyzing all alternatives, critically assessing them, making logical conclusions. Reasonable, insightful, analytical mind, objective, sensible, practical, erudite, possesses strategic thinking, phlegmatic, slow, almost never wrong.
Team player (teamworker, spirit of the group) Promotes agreement in the group, supports the spirit of collectivism, prevents friction, settles differences, knows the needs and problems of each member of the group. Sensitive, diplomatic, gentle, kind, receptive, communicative, able and loves to listen, sympathetic, modest
Implementer Implements ideas in practical actions. Technically performs routine work. Disciplined, reliable, mandatory, practical.
Completer-Finisher Brings the matter to an end and encourages the whole group. Controls the quality and timing of tasks Professionally pedantic, obligatory, responsible, conscientious, diligent, organized, concerned about the outcome of the case, in connection with which it is fussy, irritable, may worry about trifles
Specialist Performs his functional duties, being a professional in a narrow field of knowledge On your mind, an individualist, intelligent, knowledgeable
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