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Development Of Methods For Monitoring Economic Security Of An Economic Entity

Table 1:

Groups of indicators Indicators
Financial 1. Return on equity;2. Profitability of total capital;3. Share of security with own financing sources of current assets;4. Current ratios, liquidity;5. Concentration ratio of equity;6. Concentration ratio of funds raised;7. Coefficient of financial stability;8. Financial leverage ratio
Economic 1. Sales revenue;2. Return on assets;3. Return on sales;4. Capital productivity;5. Rate of renewal of basic production assets;6. Material consumption;7. Labor productivity;8. Asset turnover;9. Duration of storage of inventories;10. Rate of defective goods;11. Level of innovation activity (volume of investments and innovations)
Marketing 1. Rate of orders;2. Price elasticity;3. Size of overdue debts (receivables and payables);4. Coefficient of effectiveness of advertising
Social 1. Level of wages in relation to the average level for the industry or the economy as a whole;2. Loss of working time;3. Level of staff turnover;4. Structure of personnel potential (age, qualification).
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