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Strategic Entrepreneurial Posture, Entrepreneurial Orientation And Firm Performance Relationship In Family Businesses

Table 1:

Strategic Entrepreneurial Posture(SEP) Posture Proactivity Competitive Aggressiveness Innovativeness Risk Taking Financial Performance Market Performance
A strong emphasis on R & D, technological leadership and innovation in our company ,806
Our company had a tendency for high-risk new projects ,707
We tend to respond to the actions of our competitors ,657
Our company has a tendency to be a leader, always offering new products, services and technologies to its customers ,605
Entrepreneurial Orientation(EO)
Delivering new products and services for the first time is faster and more efficient than our competitors ,783
The changes we make in our products are more radical than those of our competitors ,702
We place great importance on developing new and innovative products ,662
Instead of answering the moves of our peers, we usually do the first move ,643
We can sacrifice our profitability to increase our market share ,734
We usually cut under to increase our market share ,827
We usually keep our prices below our competitors for high market share ,744
We attach great importance to increasing the market share even cost of cash flow and profitability reduction ,766
In our business technical innovations based on research results are accepted very quickly ,612
In our business, innovative ideas about product and service are attach great importance ,728
Innovation in our business is easily accepted in project management ,655
Employees will not penalize even if their new practices do not work ,760
Innovation is supported in our business ,707
There is a strong tendency to high-yield, high-risk projects in our business ,587
Our activities often involve high risk ,830
We do untested activities depending on the conditions to reach our goals ,791
We do not avoid entering challenges to get the potential opportunities ,792
Firm Performance(FP)
Average net profitability compared to equity ,887
Net profitability before tax compared to all available resources ,837
Net income from your core activities ,810
Financial success of the new products offered to market ,680
Overall level of financial success ,687
Average annual increase in sales ,583
Increase in number of new products we offered to market ,630
Increase in your market share compared to your leading competitor ,653
Increase in employee number ,631
Increase in new customer number ,701
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