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Teacher’s Communicative Skills Generating ‘Subject – Subject’ Interaction

Table 2:

Situation Alpha-Kronbach Index
1 My companion is wary of me 0,831
2 My companion doesn’t believe he can overcome difficulties, nd he is very worried 0,672
3 I obviously don’t like the companion 0,744
4 When I express important idea, I’m interrupted 0,676
5 It’s difficult for my companion to reveal himself in our intercourse 0,648
6 My companion has an unreasonably low self-esteem 0,722
7 My companion refuses to discuss the main topic and avoids it 0,792
8 My companion shares his personal problems and difficulties with me 0,646
9 My companion confesses to me in something he feel shameful for 0,558
10 My companion is very upset because of his personal problems and needs a long conversation with me 0,571
11 My companion doesn’t take a responsibility for a vital decision 0,635
12 My companion’s beliefs and values contradict mine 0,852
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