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Training Teachers: Independent Learning Vs. Training Approach In Developing Language Skills

Table 1:

Components of learning autonomy Means of student involvement into the process of educational management
Motivational Group and individual reflection on the willingness to acquire speaking skills and knowledge in a foreign language and interest in the result;Self-control and self-correction;
Metacognitive Reflection on cognitive processes;Getting acquainted with the stages of metacognitive activities: evaluation of a task and possible solutions; evaluation of one’s own abilities with regard to the task; presentation of the result; planning task solving; controlling the stages of a task solving; evaluation of the efficiency of task and quality management of the outcome; Acquiring methods and tools of independent learning;Explaining chosen methods, techniques and learning tools;
Controlling Reflection on goal setting; Ability to evaluate the level of one’s own subject competences and results of learning;
Communicative Reflection on an emotional component during the process of communication;Discussion of the questions raised during the learning process with teachers and teammates;
Management of group educational activities Group goal setting;Group choice of the learning content;Group evaluation of results;Evaluation of possible individualization during the educational process.
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