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Toxic Labour Relations: A Narrative Case Study

Table 1:

Rating(%) Interpretation of discourses Toxic factors at work
1(58.8) Lack of support of employees in their aspirations:“…the head of my department rejected my application three times during last two years…”“…the temporary boss has rejected to deal with my plan…”Destructive relationship “supervisor – employee”:“… I was satisfied with job and the company and disappointed with … behaviour of the supervisor”“The main reason why I wanted to change the department was my supervisor in sales...”“The owner had a different vision for managing the company so we parted in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.” “It started unexpectedly when my boss was becoming less and less happy with my work… One day he came and just simply told me that he did not need me anymore…”Disrespectful and/or unethical attitude of a leader to subordinates:“…the head was emotionally programmed against me…” “The first one is the behaviour of managers and coordinators. They do not have the minimum respect for the employees.” “… director… often unreasonably scolded in an abusive manner. All the time they threatened that at any time they can deprive us bonuses.”Professional incompetence of leaders:“The managers are unable to manage both work commitments and people…” Toxic leadership
2(35.3) Stress and psychosocial tension in the workplace:“…the last couple of years have been very dramatic and stressful… there is a sick work environment and the unwillingness or impossibility of the administration to deal with existing and flourishing bossing and mobbing issues… people leave work feeling tired and unable to manage with emotional and psychological pressure.”“…the work environment is hardly bearable, it’s very sad…”“…I was constantly experiencing stress and feeling the pressure.”“…Working days are stressful and full of physical efforts. The work environment is unpleasant and hostile.”“The atmosphere at a workplace was negative… “Excessive competition between employees:“…Strong competition and rivalry, sometimes crossing the boundaries of common sense. Hostile atmosphere and very strong sense of individualism in the workplace…” Toxic work environment
3(29.4) Excessive workload:“I faced some situations … were mainly connected with the tight deadlines at work… I had to continue my work being at home. Moreover, I was not paid for those extra hours of work.”Adverse hygienic working conditions, infringement of sanitary norms:“There is a lousy environment… Very hot workplaces with a huge number of insects in the summer, and very cold workstations in the winter. No protection and no warranty...”Irrational organization of working time:“Hours of work are bad organised…”“The schedule of work should be 2/2, but in fact often had to work on the schedule 3/1. All day long was on feet! The director did not let us go to dinner or even just sit.”The requirement to perform work in excess of official duties:“…director began to demand that I perform work that was not part of my administrative duties…” Toxic working conditions
4(17.6) Hostile attitude from colleagues:“I had to work more than others in the team… I always got a negative feedback in front of others… I had feelings a daily aversion against my person… I was… disappointed with the interpersonal relations at the workplace...”“…there is a lack of ethical and moral values of some employees who are able to influence general environment and spread fear by manipulating and lying…”Lack of support and assistance from colleagues:“Colleagues, instead of help you, try to command and control you, fearing that you will steal their place of work.”Unethical behaviour of colleagues in the workplace:“The female team is evil! Colleagues constantly gossiped, reported to the director...” Toxic relationships with co-workers
5(17.6) Cheating in the payment of monetary remuneration to employees:“…What was my perplexity and indignation when, upon receiving the first salary, I learned that the amount of the income tax from the official salary should be returned personally to the director.” “…I was not paid for a long time for the work that I had already done.” Deception in hiring process:“…After the interview, I was sent to a two-day internship. After the end of the internship, the store director said that she does not need employees at all. Outcome: free work and time lost!” Infringement by employers of their promises and obligations towards employees
6(11.8) Sufferings about the future due to lack of guaranteed long-term employment:“Teachers have unstable future… The future scares many, no stability.”“…Negative emotions caused mainly by instability and insecurity. Employment contracts are for 1-3 years with no certainty where you will be after this period.” Uncertainty about the future
6(11.8) Destructive behaviour in the workplace:“My boss told me that I lied and he can’t imagine cooperating with me anymore… I really regret it; I was angry and disappointed with myself.”“…I was shocked by the betrayal and my own irresponsibility... I was terribly hurt and ashamed of the fact that I so framed myself.” Toxic personnel
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