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Smile, Cry, Scream And Blush – Promoting Socio-Emotional Competences In Children With ID

Table 4:

Objetives Warming up Comprehension Presentation with comprehension Practice
- Read and comprehend two stories;- Recognize and identify the emotion "happiness" in the story and images;- Express orally situations related to the emotion mentioned in the story. - Start by telling the story 1, whose main character is the Little Coradinho (character presented in session 1).- Do you remember Coradinho?- Who is he?- How is he?- What does he like doing?- How does he react to danger? Ask children:- How did the little Coradinho feel?- Why did he feel like that? - Which solution did he take to counteract his annoyance?- In which situations do you feel happiness?- What do you usually do to demonstrate your happiness? Tell children the short story “Waves of happiness”.Dialogue on the short story:- Who was Sisu?- Where did she live?- How were all her friends?- Who did appear on the island?- How as she?- What did she decidie to do?- What do you think the other turtles thought?- How were they probably feeling?- Would you believe Risinha?- Why/Why not? Deliver among children the Wheel of Emotions and ask them to identify how Sisu was at the beginning and the end of the story.Note: you may replace the Wheel of Emotions by a deck of cards with the same illustrations.Deliver among children a turtle silhoute and ask them to draw the expression of how they would feel if in Sisu’s place.
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