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Typology of Innovative Development of AIRR-Regions (Association of Russian Innovative Regions)

Table 5:

Code of factor Detailed explanation of the codes Weight Economic interpretation of the factors
1.2+2.1+2.4+4.3+3.1+4.2 Share of products of high-technology and knowledge-intensive industries in GRP,%Share of internal expenditures on research and development in GRP, %Internal operational expenditures on foundational research per one organization performing research activity, mln. RUR.Quantity of the developed advanced production technologies per one organization implementing research activity, units.Share of staff engaged for research & development projects, in economically active population, %Developed advanced production technologies, units. 0,27 It reflects relation between financial expenditures on R&D (especially for applied) labour expenditures (staff engaged in R&D) and results of innovative activity in form of development of high technological/knowledge-intensive industries and creation of the advanced production technologies.
2.2+4.1+4.4+4.5 Expenditures rate on technological innovations, %Ratio of innovative products, work, services in total volume of shipped products, performed work, services, % Quantity of advanced production technologies used, units.Quantity of advanced production technologies used by one innovation-active organization, units. 00,18 It reflects relation between expenditures on technological innovations, quantity of used advanced technologies and result in form of share of innovative products (products, work, service) in the total volume of products.
1.1+3.4+3.5 Gross Regional Product (GRP) per head, RUR use of results of intellectual activity, unitsUse of results of intellectual activity by one innovation-active organization, units. 00,15 It reflects the dependence of the main economic result of the region on commercialized technologies (results of intellectual activity)
3.2+3.3+1.3+2.3 Total score of regional universities entered the top 100 of the universities in Russia (according to “National rating of the universities”). Coefficient of inventive activityInnovative activity of organizations, %Internal operational expenditures on foundational research by one organization performing research activity, mln. RUR. 00,17 It reflects the efficiency of functioning of scientific and educational complex and its impact on innovative activity of the organizations of the region.
Σ = 0,77
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