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Modeling of Return on Pension Funds, Taking into Account Risk Factors and Impact on the Well-Being of the Older Generation

Table 6:

MICEX Government bonds Second-tier stocks Corporate bonds
MICEX x12δ12 x1x2δ12=x1x2 β12δ1δ2 x1x3δ13=x1x3 β13δ1δ3 x1x4δ14=x1x4 β14δ1δ4
Government bonds x2x1δ21=x2x1 β21δ2δ1 x22δ22 x2x3δ23=x2x3 β23δ2δ3 x2x4δ24=x2x4 β24δ2δ4
Second-tier stocks x3x1δ31=x3x1 β31δ3δ1 x3x2δ32=x3x2 β32δ3δ2 x32δ32 x3x4δ34=x3x4 β34δ3δ4
Corporate bonds x4x1δ41=x4x1 β41δ4δ1 x4x2δ42=x4x2 β42δ4δ2 x4x3δ43=x4x3 β43δ4δ3 x42δ42
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