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Student’s Perceptions on the Personal Impact of a Social Education Degree Internship

Table 1:

Categories Subcategories Recording unit
Knowledge acquisition and management Informal expansion of knowledge “the internship allows us to learn things that would not be possible to learn sitting in a classroom” (R11); “we learn with the people we deal with during our internship” (R37)
Mobilising curricular learning “I found myself compelled to take advantage of everything addressed in the theoretical part (...) to be able to deal with the real problems” (R14); “Everything that was learned (...) before the internship is quite lacking (...) and I think it only gets clear for us when we are interning (R49)
Development oftechnical skills Technical skills in general “it allowed me to get the technical perspective of the social educator, to look at a whole as being more than the sum of its parts” (R2); “All of this allowed me (...) to acquire technical skills that will help me as a future social educator” (R42)
Teamwork skills “I learned that any socio-educational intervention is valued and makes sense when developed in a network" (R1); “getting to know and deal with various professionals who have different working methods, which will be an asset for the future” (R3)
Technical intervention adapted to populations and/or contexts “I came into contact with different contexts (...) for this reason I developed a set of professional skills that will undoubtedly be an asset for the future” (R24); “The gratification felt by the possibility of such diverse activities (...) resulting in complementary learning of knowledge alluding to the specificity of actions” (R32)
Personal and relational development Personal skills in general “interning with these people, in addition to helping me to improve personal skills (...)” (R7); “I feel I was given the opportunity to grow as (...) a person” (R28)
Improvement of personal characteristics “in terms of my personality, it made me more uninhibited, I learned to relax more (...) but also to be a little less transparent and more serious” (R6); “I tend to be too much of a perfectionist but I learned to be happy with achieving small goals, step by step” (R9)
Identity and socio-moral enrichment “personally, I began to realize that everyone deserves a new opportunity (...) they often only need someone to make them go in a new direction” (R34); “it was important to get to know myself when it was time to play the role of social educator with students” (R45)
Resilience of the intern “I now understand that resilience is a characteristic (...) to take into account (...) a specialist must know how to overcome and face adversity, unforeseen events and constraints” (R1); “I learned to find solutions to problems that may arise” (R46)
Strengthening professional identity Reinforcement of bond to profession “it helped me to be even more certain that it is this [target group] I want to work with during my professional life” (R7); “direct contact with reality made me realize that it’s really what I want to do for the rest of my life” (R11)
Importance of experiences provided “with this internship (...) I witnessed large and valuable moments that will leave marks” (R1); “With the internship (...) I will take one of the best experiences of my academic career with me for life” (R33)
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