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Diversity, Success, Motivation, Burnout and Professionalism among Young People in Moldova

Table 2:

Theories Fated Research Inventories Researched components CAREER ENABLERS
System theory framework (STF) Professional anchors by Edgar Shein Functional (technical) competence TALENT-BASED ANCHORS
General managerial competence
Entrepreneurial Creativity
Service and dedication to a cause VALUE-BASED ANCHORS
Pure challenge.
Autonomy and independence. NEED-BASED ANCHORS
Stability and security to work.
Stability and safety concerning place of residence
Integration of lifestyle (lifestyle)
Organizational identity ORIENTATIONS AND FOCUSES
Orientation to a vertical career
Orientation to a horizontal career
Guidance to conditions
Integrative theory regarding the life planning (PIV) Motivation in needs by Thomas Elers Motivation in needs VALUE-BASED
Needs in success acquiring by Ivan Orlov Needs in success acquiring NEED-BASED
Chaos Theory of Careers (CTC) Professional burnout by Valentina Boico Self discontent BURNOUT TALENT-BASED
Emotional Caging NEED-BASED
The reduction of professional tasks VALUE-BASED
Emotional detachment TALENT-BASED
Depersonalization NEED-BASED
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