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An Identification Task toward Engendering a Malaysian Folktale Classification System for Preservation

Table 4:

Ownership: National 12 The glass that turned to gold
Folktale 13 The kidnapper and the clever lad
1 King Solomon and the birds 14 The man-ape
2 Mat Jenin 15 The merchant's adopted son
3 Why the panther has a long tail 16 Why the spider has a narrow waist
4 A bridge of rainbow Ownership: Pahang
5 Awang siMalim Folktale
6 BawangPutih and BawangMerah 1 Pride goes before a fall
7 Captain Tanggang 2 The pelican's punishment
8 Hantugalah the ghost of the jungle 3 The swan maiden
9 How sang kancil saved the buffalo 4 A pouch of rice grains
10 How sang kancil tricked the tiger 5 A vegetarian dispute
11 How the mosquito was born 6 Mat So'od's fantasy
12 How the python lost its venom 7 The carpenter and the ironmonger
13 Kang the carpenter bird 8 The clever student
14 Melur and the snake 9 The crock of gold
15 Pak Belalang, the fortune-teller 10 The gold chain
16 Pak Pandir and his child 11 The king and three thieves
17 Pak Pandir goes into business 12 The king crow and the Water-snail
18 Pak Pandir repairs his house 13 The magic flute
19 Princess BungaTanjung 14 The magic pot
20 Princess Cenderawasih, the bird of paradise 15 The man who became a turtle
21 Sang kancil the judge 16 The princess's husband
22 Si Luncai and his gourds 17 The story of Princess MelurSekuntum
23 The Angsana princess 18 The two cockerels
24 The ant and the cricket 19 The will
25 The ants and the elephants Ownership: Kelantan
26 The baby in the tree Folktale
27 The blind men and the elephant 1 Father Lime-stick and the flowerpecker
28 The boy who saved a country 2 The cleversiBalau
29 The chicken and the fox 3 Who killed the otter's babies?
30 The clever deer 4 Awang with big stomach
31 The clever mousedeer 5 The clever parrot
32 The crow and the stork 6 The clever wife
33 The durian and the horse mango fruit 7 The elephant has a bet with the tiger
34 The fox and the hen 8 The king of tigers is sick
35 The goatherd 9 The mouse-deer'sshipwreck
36 The hunchbacked lobster 10 The trees that changed places
37 The red ant's small waist 11 Wit wins the day
38 The monkey and the turtle Ownership: Terengganu
39 The mousedeer and the crocodiles Folktale
40 The nectar bees 1 Awang, the ant fighter
41 The owl and the moon 2 The king who lost his appetite
42 The pheasant and the buffalo 3 The seven princesses
43 The price of greed 4 Awang Merah's stepmother
44 The prince and the peacock 5 Carried away with playing chess
45 The pumpkin princess 6 How seven brothers saved the villaged
46 The rice crust boat 7 Looking for a cure
47 The sixth fisherman 8 Princess Bakawali
48 The snake and the bamboo 9 Raja Bongsu of Pinang Beribut
49 The stork and the crab 10 The clever storyteller
50 The stork and the mousedeer 11 The magic flute
51 The story of Badang 12 The bodyguard
52 The story of sang kancil and the bear Ownership: Johor
53 The tiger and his reflection Folktale
54 The tiger and the cat 1 Si Jambul
55 The unfortunate Pak Kadok 2 The cenderawasih bird
56 The wise judge 3 The prince and princess of GunungSelbu
57 The wrong catch 4 Awang and Dayang
58 The squirrel princess 5 Driving out the djinn
59 What a plate of rice is worth 6 Princess Gaharu
60 Why bats fly at night 7 The bear prince
61 Why caterpillars are poisonous 8 The clove
62 Why chickens scratch 9 Princess siHelangBakau
63 Why the cockerel crows in the morning 10 The lady and the gold tray
64 Why the crow has black feathers 11 The leader of birds
65 Why the goose has a long neck 12 The story of the turtle-dove
66 Why the monkey has no home Ownership: Perak
67 Why the rabbit's tail is short Folktale
68 Why snakes have no legs 1 Kintan's sorrow
69 Why the stork is thin 2 The bunian princess
70 Why the tortoise's shell appears cracked 3 The prince and the snake
71 Why the woodpecker flies high and low 4 How to fight the giants
Ownership: Perlis 5 How the cat became a judge
Folktale 6 The cawi bird and the snail
1 Princess KelapaGading 7 The giants that fled
2 The nipahpalm's tears 8 The intelligent one
3 Tuk Naga, the sea serpent 9 The sparrow and the king
4 A drop of milk 10 The thieves who were outwitted
5 Awang with the big hands 11 War in fairyland
6 Cut but not really cut Ownership: Malacca
7 Honest Awang Folktale
8 KetukungTogel, the bald and tailless one 1 Kindness pays
9 King Suton's adventure 2 The faithful eagle
10 Prince InderaPahlawan 3 The two sisters
11 The birds and the princess 4 Golden rice
12 The magic stones 5 The goldsmith and the blacksmith
13 The monitor lizard and the princess 6 The obedient son
14 The rice flowers 7 The red buffaloes
15 The song of the sandpiper Ownership: Sarawak
16 The story of PenghuluAlangGagah Folktale
17 The two merchants and the jungle spirits 1 Teloh's magic stone
18 The wise young fellow 2 The story of the mouse-deer and other animals who went out fishing
19 Why the nipah palm tree is low 3 The tree of life
Ownership: Kedah 4 A different scent and colour
Folktale 5 ApaiSaloi
1 The friendship of the squirrel and the creeping fish 6 How the python got his beautiful skin
2 The green horse 7 Jelenggai
3 The three princesses 8 Revenge
4 Who is wiser 9 The deer horn
5 For a stick of sugar-cane 10 The honesttraveller
6 Gedembai 11 The lazy boy
7 Gold and scorpions 12 The lemayung fruit
8 How the woodpecker got its crest 13 The story of Palog Raya, the dim-wit
9 Princess Sadong of the caves, who refused her suitors 14 The story of the mouse-deer, the deer and the pig
10 Princess Sanggul 15 The wind and the sun
11 Sultan Bahadur Syah 16 Transgression of taboo
12 Swallowed by a whale 17 The wicked mousedeer
13 Sweet lime 18 The mousedeer and the tortoise
14 The baby fish Ownership: Sabah
15 The bird catcher Folktale
16 The crocodile daughter 1 Dang Pingai
17 The curse of the Gedembai 2 The bewitched snake
18 The fish head 3 The story of Princess RambangRambunut
19 The geroda bird 4 Bobolian, the healer
20 The gold axe 5 How the durian got its smell
21 The magic swing 6 Junah and the king of the mosquitoes
22 The price of greed 7 Kinambura
23 The shy princess 8 Sampapas
24 The storytelling contest 9 The blind and the limp
25 The tiger and the shadow 10 Si Pugut
26 The tiger gets his desserts 11 The bleeding tree
Ownership: Selangor 12 The cursed crab
Folktale 13 The elephant trumpet
1 Pickled tiger's eyeballs 14 The story of Awang Semaun
2 The gold fishing rod 15 The story of siKaluni
3 The proud eagle 16 The tale of the two suns
4 A mother and her child 17 The tortoise and the princess
5 Broken promises Ownership: Penang
6 Ear-rings Folktale
7 How Pak Tani outwitted the tiger 1 Seasick and landsick
8 Shamed by his own deed 2 The kemuni tree
9 The ape's magic pot 3 The mother hen and the eagle
10 The clever son-in-law 4 Nuts and eggs
11 The kingsfavourite girl 5 Pearls from the seven seas
12 The missing gold 6 The bayanhave escaped
Ownership: Negeri Sembilan 7 The bull and the buffalo
Folktale 8 The durian tree and the banana tree
1 Busu, the midget 9 The field of gold
2 The loyal tiger 10 The fierce geroda
3 Why elephants have small eyes 11 The flute player
4 An egg in the morning, a leaf in the evening 12 The foolish flying-ant
5 Breaking a promise 13 The old man and his crippled daughter
6 Bujangterboyoi 14 The rich miser
7 Honesty 15 The tale of Princess JarumEmas
8 Si Kecil, the little one 16 The tarap tree and the pedada fruit
9 Sulung, the naughty boy 17 The water snake and the land snake
10 The faithful sister 18 Waiting for freedom
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