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Formation of Student’s Tolerance in Multicultural Environment When Teaching a Foreign Language (KFU Experience, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia)

Table 2:

High tolerance person has important value concepts, easily orientates in a multicultural environment, adapted to social environment, benevolence, proactivity, sociable, tactful, optimistic, emotionally stable, independent, ability for self-reflection, admits his\her mistakes
Sufficient tolerance person accepts an alternative view, can orientate in social environment, may be optimistic and tactful, independent, admits his/her mistakes very often, is ready for self-criticism
Low tolerance person can accept an alternative view, but with a doubt, or he\she is confident in its fallibility, mostly keeps his\her own point of view, often lacks self-criticism, optimism, emotional stability, he/she is hard-heartedness, reliance, has middle level of anxiety
Intolerance person takes a hostile attitude towards others, is not willing to consider the opinions of others, keeps apart, avoidant, categorical, makes no concessions
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