Why Don’t We Hear the Voice of the Modern Youth?


The article is devoted to the current issue concerning the modern youth. At present adolescents are demonstrating extreme individualism, unwillingness to cooperate and collaborate with their peers at lessons and life. They lack skills of comprehension, reflection, sympathy and compassion. As a result problems with the soft skills development arise more often. Students cannot fulfil conventional tasks at lessons, do not take part in conversations, ignore group projects. They prefer individual tasks and ways of learning. At the same time the modern society and the labour market are also changing. Interestingly, employers are more likely to hire a person with minimum individualistic behaviour, as international companies reach more success when they have strong and capable members working together as an integral organism. Using methods of observation, interview, experiment and findings from the field of neuropsy-chology the author proposes certain strategies that may help the youth to overcome the difficulties with communication and meet the demands of the future employers. Among the strategies are mental maps, ‘disappearing text’ technique, problematic quest situation, storytelling, ‘Six thinking hats’ technology and others.

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12 October 2022

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