The Concept Model of Information Application for Actions in System


The author elaborates the concept, models, and methods of information application. The concept is based on system theoretic view of the actions of various type. It is shown in the article that the gap exists between the practical needs to solve problems of information application during systems functioning, based on mathematical models, which can predict results of information application analytically - from the one hand, and absence of needed mathematical models and modelling methods - from another hand. Author suggested the hypothesis of the research, which is: information application can be formalized using system and their results can be measured quantitatively based on concept and modelling methods suggested. Modelling method is based on graph-theoretic models of information application for actions in systems. Models’ application illustrated by creation of models of information application in technological systems. Graph-theoretic models are created based on schemas of information application as informal meta-models. Based on such graph theoretic models, which depicts possible sequences of probable actions, information use, events, and states functional models of sates probabilities and characteristics created. Examples of such models are shown.

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27 February 2023

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