Polysemantics Of The Russian Interjection Okh In Historical Retrospective (19th–21st Centuries)


This paper analyzes functional dynamics of one of the most common Russian interjections, “ох” (okh). It has been proven that it is the most frequent interjection among those attested at the earliest stages of the Russian language development and still remaining an active part of the language presently. The material for studies of evolutionary changes was taken from the texts of main, oral, newspaper, regional, dialectic and multimedia subcorpora of the Russian National Corpus. A conclusion has been drawn that the role of the interjection in texts is stable through the centuries, its polysemy allows expanding descriptions and bringing them closer to reader, adding emotive meanings, incline to compassion. Frequency of use in various contexts demonstrate relevance of genre and style-related limitations. It is argued that criteria of current and most objective retrospective description are related to changes in use of t he interjection, its functional role, semantics, graphic presentation, composition of the linguistic item. Detailed descriptions of development of the oh interjection supported with usage examples taken from texts from various ages, genres and styles reveal historical development of interjection in the language, as well as relevant evolutionary changes. It is emphasized that the interjection oh is a resilient linguistic item due to its additional meanings, potential and real functionality in the Russian language of 19th–21st centuries. This lexical unit actively develops polysemantic relations due to its unique set of grammatic categories.

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25 November 2022

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