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Effıciency Of Production Logistics In The Circular Economy

Table 1: Key Performance Indicators

Indicator index Name of indicator Calculation of indicators
1 Share of R&D expenses in revenue, % R&D costs/enterprise revenue
2 Specific consumption of fuel and energy resources for transportation, own technological needs and losses, % Fuel and energy costs/total costs
3 Frequency of industrial accidents (decrease), once a year Number of accidents at work in the period under review / Number of accidents at work in the previous period
4 Labor productivity, thousand rubles Revenue/number of employees
5 Profitability of production, % Net income/output
6 The cost of the workplace, rub. Total cost of maintaining a workplace
7 Equipment absolute load factor Operating time of one machine / workshop operating time
8 Duration of unplanned downtime due to disruption of supplies, h Total downtime for the period
9 The share of finished products recognized as manufacturing defects, % The volume of defective products / the volume of production of finished products
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