Main Development Trajectories Of "Biopolitics" And "Digital Politics" In The Digital Age


The paper examines the leading trajectories in changing the socio-political and socio-economic life of modern societies that appeared due to digitalization and the global pandemic processes (Covid-19). The article discusses principal transformations both in socio-political practice and in political thought. Separately, the research analyzes the main models or strategic options for the developing "Biopolitics" and "Digital Politics" under the influence of either the digital transformation of society or a long-term viral pandemic. The authors identify and consider in detail: a service model focused on the expansion of digital medical services and population protection systems (digital health care and digital health protection), as well as the general introduction of electronic medical services (health services); a model of platform solutions focused on digital globalization, the formation of a universal health system, bio-surveillance and biosecurity; 3) models of digital transhumanism and bioevolutionism, justifying the cardinal evolution of society, a human being, and all the traditional functioning systems; 4) the model of digital statism, which involves the digitalization of national structures, and the creation of sovereign mechanisms for their protection from various external and internal threats. The paper also substantiates that the variant of digital statism is most suitable to modern domestic and international realities and existing viral challenges and civilizational risks.

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03 June 2022

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