Digitalization Of Modern Socio-Economic And Political-Legal Processes: Basic Scenarios And Analytical Tools


The paper examines the intensive development of digital technologies, which have significantly accelerated and received a specific development vector during a global pandemic, together with its impact of the latter on the socio-economic and political-legal dynamics of modern societies. The content of the study presents a characteristic and a meaningful description of paradigmatic changes in the development of socio-economic and political-legal processes, defining the main vectors and scenarios of social dynamics. The authors substantiate the theoretical and methodological strategy of the study and discuss analytical tools that make it possible to highlight, describe and predict the interaction and mutual influence of digital, socio-cultural, biological, and other factors on the evolution of socio-economic and political-legal relations. At the same time, scholars argue that any forecast at present, any strategy will be inadequate if, in addition to behavioural and other social factors, they do not include development modelling of digital forms and technologies. In conclusion, the paper discusses the key risks and threats connected with ensuring social integrity in the digital era of social development. The authors have shown that the main risk is associated with the fact that the intensive development of algorithmic systems can devalue the meaning and value of public-power interaction between the individual, society, and the state. Moreover, the development of autonomous expert systems, automatic information collection, machine processing of social requests, and response formation can form a sufficiently large distance between the governing bodies and the population, reducing the potential legitimacy.

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03 June 2022

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Mamychev, A. Y., Kim, A. A., & Miroshnichenko, O. I. (2022). Digitalization Of Modern Socio-Economic And Political-Legal Processes: Basic Scenarios And Analytical Tools. In & N. G. Bogachenko (Ed.), AmurCon 2021: International Scientific Conference, vol 126. European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences (pp. 666-677). European Publisher.