The Value System Of Students - Future Psychologists: Training Nationally Oriented Elite


The article is devoted to the research of the value system of university students in the aspect of training nationally oriented elites. The problems of their upbringing and education in modern transitive society are actualized based on the criteria of compliance of their value system with the high ideals of culture, spiritual and moral self-improvement, and the orientation of interests to serve society. The authors identified the negative trends of modern education affecting qualitative changes in the meanings and foundations of education of the highest stratum of society. The research focuses on the analysis of strengthening pragmatic and individualistic principles, the substitution of higher values by market ones, the loss of anthropological, axiological, and culture-creating missions of education. The data obtained indicate an underestimation of the reflexive-value, educational aspects of the educational process aimed at forming a system of personal and professional values and meanings of the personality of future psychologists. The purpose of the study is to identify correlations and identify the leading factors in the value system of students-future psychologists, determining its hierarchical structure in the context of the preparation of nationally oriented elite. The authors used the following methods: testing, ranking, correlation, and factor analysis. The importance of motivational driving forces underlying the values of respondents who are aware of the full extent of their influence on people (r=0.604**); strive for understanding, tolerance, and protection of the well-being of all people and nature (r=0.420**) was proved; independent choice of one's life path (r=0.402**) was shown.

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03 June 2022

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