Business Communication Genres In The Media Of The 1930s In Russia


The state media policy in Russia in the 1930s created a special genre paradigm. The key task facing Soviet journalism was the organization of propaganda and organizational work, fading the information function into the background. The necessity of meeting party and economic objectives and educating the working people in the spirit of socialism had a direct influence on the specifics of the genre and style system of the Soviet press of those years. As a consequence, directive, instructive and reporting materials: orders, instructions, resolutions, summaries, reports, statements, challenges to socialist competitions, etc. took the main part in the pages of the regional, district and local newspapers of 1930 in the Amur Oblast. They stimulated the production process in collective and government-run cooperative farms, machine-tractor stations, enterprises, strengthened labour discipline, reported on the arrangement of five-year plans, grappled with poor management and carelessness, supervised holding of various kinds of socialist competitions, etc. The purpose of this study was to investigate the specifics of business communication genres in the newspapers published in the Amur region in the 1930s, the peculiarities of their presence in a particular socio-cultural context and their functional role. The main research methods were content analysis, methods of comparative and historical analysis and comparative analysis.

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