Governing Characteristics Of Interaction With Russia, China, Mongolia As A Political Process


The article substantiates the following goals: - to identify the theoretical foundations and legal aspects of the characteristics of the political process of Russian-Chinese and Russian-Mongolian interaction in the information age; - to study the mechanisms of Russia's influence on the forms of interaction between states; - to identify the managerial characteristics of the PRC in the modern political process; - to substantiate the Mongolian management experience. The following multiple methods were used: theoretical, historical, comparative and systems analysis. Research results: 1. The systematic results of the study of Russia's interaction with China and Mongolia are associated with the substantiation of the factors affecting statehood and the political process. 2. The article is devoted to the dynamics of the development of Russia and Mongolia and the determination of the consequences of this process. To assess the dynamics of politics, the category "political process" is used, which can be carried out both slowly and rapidly. The dynamics of development is determined by the subjects of the political system and foreign policy factors associated with the political situation. In the modern information era, the importance of the core subject of the political system - the state, its conservative principles - is increasing. This is due both to the strengthening of public administration to combat the coronavirus, and to an increase in social factors in the development of the state, its continuity. In the political process, both concrete results and factors of influence are manifested.

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03 June 2022

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