Current Problems Of The Personality’s Physical Culture


The article analyses the results of a study on important issues of physical culture of a person at the stage of preschool and primary school age. The authors come to the conclusion that physical culture is a part of the general culture of mankind, which is a creative activity to master the past and create new values, mainly in the field of physical development, health improvement, and education of people; it characterizes an important stage of socialization and individualization of personality. The formation of the physical culture of a person is a multifaceted, complex in structure, and time-consuming process. Appropriate methods, tools, forms should correspond to each age stage, then only a constant interest in this activity and the formation of a need for it will be ensured. The high efficiency of the methodology of physical culture and cognitive education, which stimulate independence in physical activity, change the hierarchy of motives towards greater awareness of the need to do physical exercises, to be 'healthy, strong, beautiful', and forcing the child to do physical exercises not only in organized groups at a kindergarten but also in everyday life.

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03 June 2022

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Vorotilkina, I. M., Nevelichko, L. G., Bogachenko, N. G., Prokopieva, M. M., & Kornilova, A. G. (2022). Current Problems Of The Personality’s Physical Culture. In & N. G. Bogachenko (Ed.), AmurCon 2021: International Scientific Conference, vol 126. European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences (pp. 1062-1069). European Publisher.