Peculiarities Of Information Policy Of Russiatoday Channel


Being an important factor of shaping public opining, information policy of mass media plays an especially important role in reference to foreign audience. In international broadcasting, mass media performs a number of presentational, propagandistic and image functions, which contribute to successful foreign policy implementation. Thus, we can state that the Russia Today channel is not only the subject of the international information market, but also an important foreign policy actor. This fact has an impact on the Russia Today information policy, which is realized not only by informing the viewer about the current agenda, but also by promoting and popularizing political ideas, by building and debunking stereotypes and by projecting the image of the state at home and abroad. Primarily, the information policy of the channel consists in selecting and adapting the news content for a foreign viewer. Apart from professional shootings and recordings, Russia Today broadcasts amateur videos, and it suits modern tendencies of development of citizen journalism, which is increasing participation of citizens in news production. Every separate segment that is broadcast represents a communicative whole consisting of textual, visual or audio-visual components. Thus, the channel successfully fulfills a complex of informational, presentational and propagandistic tasks at a high professional and artistic level, sets the agenda and, accordingly, increases loyalty and interest of foreign audience in internal and external policy of the Russian Federation.

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