Socio-Emotional Development Of Young Learners In A Foreign Language Class


The article views the problem of young learners` socio-emotional development which is considered as a process of formation and improvement of socially valuable personality traits: ability to social interaction, benevolence towards all people and representatives of other countries, ability to empathize, willingness to help, etc. As proved by psychological science, the direction of personality development is largely determined by the emotional experiences of a person. Since language is the main factor in human socialization, the authors suggest that learning a foreign language from an early age can contribute to the social and emotional development of young learners. The article lists conditions under which such a development is possible. These conditions include an effective educational environment, personality-oriented teacher's behavior; emotional states of teacher and students and emotional colouring of teacher's speech are referred to these conditions. The authors also argue that teachers can socially and emotionally develop pre-schoolers and young students in a variety of ways, such as by using emotionally intensive activities, building trust, respecting and caring for each child, and consistently teaching social and emotional skills using children's stories, socially sensitive problem situations and stories that give effective praise, stimulate social interaction between students. As a result, the study concludes that if teachers prioritize developing the social and emotional skills of young learners in foreign language lessons classes, they will be rewarded with happy, motivated and socially active children.

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31 March 2022

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