The Reflection Of American Values In Song Discourse


The article analyzes various definitions of the notion ‘values’. Values are defined as general ideas and views on the world that a particular nation has which it considers to be right or wrong. It is noted that the establishment of the key American values is closely connected with the historical background of the country. It is important to point out that it is impossible to single out the correct set of American values, as different studies suggest different classifications. In the present article such values as ‘freedom’, ‘equality’ and ‘hard work’ are analyzed. The emphasis is placed on the reflection of the previously mentioned values in popular culture, namely, song discourse. Special attention is paid to how social developments that occur in American society influence song discourse. The conducted analysis makes it possible to conclude that the above-mentioned values are prevalent in modern American music. Music is one of the key instruments in promoting the values of society. It should be noted that music gives a platform to people in the fight for social justice and human rights. Moreover, addressing traditional American values through song lyrics helps to spread awareness about the issues of importance. The widespread appeal to traditional values preserves them relevant and important for American society.

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31 March 2022

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