Underlying Causes For Developing Multicultural Personality Within Education Globalization Processes


The authors of the article aim at highlighting the impact of modern world processes on the contemporary education system; the strengths and weaknesses of globalization are discussed. The strongest aspects include the emergence of the world market for educational services, the informatization and digitalization of education, convergence, the standardization of educational and cultural systems, accelerated technological progress through the exchange of technologies. There is also the development of international cooperation, etc.; among the weaknesses are the deindustrialization of the economy, the gap between developed and developing countries, various problems associated with tolerance, environmental degradation, the emergence and spread of global environmental problems. Within the framework of this article, the issues of tolerance and the ecological crisis are of the greatest significance and research interest for the authors. The problem of the formation of a modern personality in the new world multicultural conditions is actualized. The primary goals of modern education are introduced; they are reflected in the Declaration on the Culture of Peace, adopted by the resolution of the UN General Assembly of September 13, 1999. The authors describe practical material confirming the need to develop and introduce the term “multicultural personality” into the educational discourse, as well as emphasizing the importance of changing the orientation of education to a more global perspective. The results of discussion sessions in the format of panel talks with students on global problems such as the environmental crisis and tolerance in modern society are presented.

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31 March 2022

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