Some Features Of French Sports Commentary As A Type Of Spontaneous Speech


The article considers sports commentaries in French, analyses the lexical and syntactic features of French sports commentators’ spontaneous speech. Sports discourse is defined as a type of communication between participants of sports activities aimed at achieving communicative goals. The use of tropes in sports commentary allows making the speech of a sports journalist more expressive, adds details to the depiction and conveys evaluative and emotionally expressive meanings. This function is performed primarily by metaphors and comparisons that exist in the form of metaphorical terms, stable metaphorical comparisons and original (occasional) metaphors. The detailed occasional military metaphors are of particular interest. The metaphorical use of military vocabulary allows sports journalists to convey the drama of the competition. Another important feature of sports discourse is the use of slang. The paper studies jargon expressions based on proper names, which make up a special group of football vocabulary. Descriptive, more explanatory translation is often required to render such notions into Russian. In terms of syntax, sports commentators’ spontaneous speech reveals such characteristic features as agrammatism, excessive use of language elements, use of sentences with an abbreviated syntactic structure. The stylistic and syntactic figures are used to solve several problems: they increase the expressiveness of speech, contribute to a more compact presentation of information.

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31 March 2022

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