Foreign Language And Its Role In Overcoming Different Kinds Of Uncertainty


The article examines the problem of self-regulation of students in foreign language classes as well as ways and methods of overcoming linguistic uncertainty. Linguistic uncertainty is an integral part of the concept of entropy. Situations of entropy emergence in the process of mastering a foreign language by students are described. It is argued that reliance on the communicative-cognitive approach in foreign language education most fully meets the goals and objectives developing students' communicative competence and overcoming linguistic uncertainty. In the process of training specialists the importance of skills and abilities is based on the analysis of difficulties which students encounter while learning a foreign language. In conclusion, it is stated that the developed skills and abilities help a specialist to overcome not only linguistic entropy, but also deal with upcoming difficulties, arising in professional activities. The experience of foreign language teaching in a non-linguistic university and the results of conducted research show that it is necessary to develop skills needed to deal with linguistic an informational uncertainty and it is required to design special pedagogical tools which can be used in a teaching process. The methods of observation of the pedagogical process were used and the results of the students’ behavior in situations of uncertainty are given. An attempt is made to suggest pedagogical tools which enhance tolerance for uncertainty.

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31 March 2022

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