Cultural Studies Of Education: Innovation Of A Competence Approach Or Pedagogical Models


The authors focused on resolving the contradictions between European trends, existing in the global educational space, and the need to preserve the originality of Russian pedagogy and culture. They realized the need to improve competitiveness, expand opportunities for professional self-realization, actualizing the importance of professional and cultural competence of university students, and insufficient elaboration of the theoretical foundations and practical mechanisms of its formation. Human perception of culture is a product of how much a person can identify himself, identify one’s belonging to it, correlate with the cultural norms and values that have formed in him. The discussion field that arose at the junction of philosophy, culturology and pedagogy on the issue of the relationship between education and culture led to a new scientific direction – culturology of education. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is education, the center of which is a person who cognizes and creates culture through dialogical communication, exchange of meanings, creation of works of individual and collective creativity. The authors pointed out that such education supports the individuality, uniqueness of each child's personality, relying on its ability to self-change and cultural self-development”. The development of those abilities of the individual that are needed by himself and society, his inclusion in social activity, providing opportunities for effective self-education outside the institutionalized educational systems.

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31 March 2022

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