Civil Society In Civilizational Dimensions


The article presents a look at the problems of civil society development in the XXI century. The relevance of the topic is determined by the growing civic activity, the need to understand the role of civil society in an increasingly complex political sphere, the debatable boundaries of the concept of "civil society". The multiple crises shaking the modern world have highlighted the contradictions generated by the processes of globalization, on the one hand, and the problems of the civilizational complex of national and cultural identity, on the other. The research methodology is based on a civilizational approach to understanding the concept of civil society, which is based on the values of Western European culture, as well as a dialectical approach to understanding the value contradictions of different cultures as a factor of new vectors of the development of the phenomenon of civil society. The originality of the work consists in substantiating the value-based civilizational conflict as a risk factor in the development of the principles of civil society in a culturally complex world. It is argued that the principles of ideological and value-based colonialism have lost any prospects: the clash of cultures and civilizations leads to devastating consequences for the whole world. The search for an alternative is possible as overcoming the value complex of classical liberalism, including in its framework not only civic qualities, but also cultural patterns and norms that accumulate social experience and traditions of non-European cultures.

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31 March 2022

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