The Project Of Return To A Village Under The Conditions Of Digitalization


The paper is devoted to the study of the village phenomenon being the cradle of mankind calling for it again at every new stage of historical development. The etymology of the word “village” shows the synthesis of natural and human and refers to the earth, in which concept we see the metaphysical roots of the village. A village is a civilized nature in which man is dissolved. The development of productive forces of the village creates a new reality, which pushes a person into the city in search of his Self. In the pursuit of isolation from the village, a person gains awareness of his Self in the city, but then the city washes away the human individuality in the flow of industrialization. A person falls into the search for a new synthesis. He is tempted by the village, but upon return he transforms it in the spirit of the city. Introducing the values of productivity and profitability, he receives the pseudosynthesis represented by unpromising villages and collective farms, which are eventually ruined. In a new round of development, humanity comes across digitalization processes. The powerful spread of social networks, the spread of new forms of labor, the limitless nature of communication and the world as a whole create a different reality, where a person again begins to lose himself and search for his roots. Nowadays the village is a platform for the implementation of his own projects in various versions.

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31 March 2022

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