Priority Of Cultural And Social Identity: Characteristic Feature Of Modern Global Processes


The paper considers the analysis of social and humanitarian studies associated with such a process of globalization in the modern world as “cultural and social identity,” which has an increasing impact on an individual self-esteem in opposition to national and traditional values, changing the structure of intercultural interaction and counteraction. Global processes directly entailed changes in various forms of identities that arise in the process of intercultural interactions. The forms of cultural and social identity that determine the qualitative level of interpersonal relations are an indicator of global consensus and multicultural unity of representatives of diverse national cultures. In connection with the process comprehension, the problem of increasing the ambiguous perception of cultural and social identity as an alternative to national identity arises. The study of the given problem makes it possible to objectively consider personal psychological and social issues that occur in various forms of identity. The analysis may subsequently affect the “significance” of the emerging individual self-esteem in new socio-cultural conditions and the society transformation. Axiological foundations of cultural and social identity act as those specific means of human activity that perform the function of a clearer orientation and self-determination of the individual in the environment and in the society development. In the context of social transformations, social and cultural identification is essential, which becomes the main criterion for assessing any phenomena of the socio-cultural reality surrounding a person.

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31 March 2022

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