Role Of Multicultural Education In Institutions Of Higher Learning: Global Perspective


Multicultural education is an integral part of the learning process for university students. According to research, the idea of multicultural education has a positive effect on the development and strengthening of interpersonal relationships between representatives of different cultures. The inclusion of multicultural education in the curriculum of technical universities is highly effective in various aspects of life: cultural, creative, scientific, and social. The reduction of stereotypes and prejudices through direct contact and interactions between representatives of different cultures is due to the formation of multicultural competence. The multicultural education perspective recognizes cultural pluralism as the ideal and healthy state in any productive society and promotes equality between existing cultural groups. This principle allows the perspective of multicultural education to go beyond the pedagogy of equality as the only way to confront problems. The assimilation constituent of multicultural education lies in the fact that the transformation and combination of microcultures with the preservation of customs and traditions occurs in order to form multicultural society. The implementation of multicultural education in the curriculum of higher educational institutions is one of the significant steps in the development of social equality and interpersonal relations. The purpose of the paper is to explain the importance and feasibility of introducing multicultural education in the process of teaching students of higher educational institutions and to show the application of the multicultural education model for establishing strong intercultural ties, preserving multicultural values and forming student competence in relation to other cultures.

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