The Role Of Digitalisation In Preserving The Cultural Heritage Of Indigenous Peoples


The article examines the current state of the traditional culture of the indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East, the problems of preserving identity, the role of digital audiovisual archiving for the transmission of cultural and linguistic heritage to future generations. There are tendencies of interruption of the transgenerational transmission of ethnic culture among the northern ethnic groups. This entails the loss of traditional knowledge, beliefs, language and ethnic identity. Language and customs are much better preserved among the nomadic population. The main thesis of the article: digitalization makes it possible to present culture in its real existence, to fix the vernacular languages, the features of verbal and nonverbal communication of the peoples of the North. The author suggests applying a culturological approach to the digitization of cultural heritage objects, which assumes the importance of understanding and taking into account the cultural peculiarities such as syncretism, sacralization of objects and actions, deep connection with nature; the need to record explanations of representatives of the ethnic group about the semantics, application field, gender characteristics of the functioning of things; professional selection of field material. The article analyzes the causes of the gradual loss of authentic culture (historical, economic, socio-cultural). The main factors of transformation of traditional culture are considered on the basis of the materials on Evenki. These are factors such as ethnic history, a wide geography of interethnic relations, features of the worldview and traditional economy, socio-economic transformations of the Soviet era and modern globalization processes.

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31 March 2022

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