Building Veterinarian’s Professional Worldview: Terminography-Based Approach


The study is devoted to the practical aspect of the problem of building the professional worldview in veterinary students. The terminography-based approach has been used to introduce the creation of the student’s glossary as a key factor in the development of the in-depth professional knowledge and terminology skill that are an integral part of the veterinarian’s professional worldview. The purpose of the study is to conceptualize a model of the student’s glossary as an essential element of terminological training in veterinary education. The study focuses on the distinctive features (selectivity, systematization, multilingualism and multifunctionality) and functional characteristics (a combination of systematizing, informational, educational and motivational functions) of the student’s glossary. The specifics of the student’s glossary have been described at different stages of professional training. The importance of using Latin and Greek term elements, terms and terminological phrases in the glossary entry has been justified by the specifics of veterinary terminology and learning objectives of terminological training. The formulated requirements for the creation of the student’s glossary in the learning process contribute to the practical significance of the study. The authors have developed a model of the student’s glossary which is defined as a systematizing multilingual and multifunctional open-type dictionary made up from Latin or Greek term elements, terms or terminological phrases related to a narrow professional area, the selection of which is determined by the stage of professional training. The creation of the student’s glossary in veterinary education leads to the building of the holistic veterinarian’s professional worldview.

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01 February 2022

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