Propaganda Of Individualism And Alienation In Modern Mass Culture


The article considers the phenomenon of alienation of a person on the basis of the individualistic nature of mass culture. The conceptual, symbolic and other semantic contents transmitted to the masses within the framework of popular artistic creativity and mass media products are studied. As examples from the sphere of mass art, the genres of superheroics and heroic science fiction and fantasy are given, through which the idea of individual "being chosen" is transmitted and the value of social and national feats is belittled. Such important concepts for mass culture as "freedom", "rights", "democracy", "success" and "competition" are highlighted and interpreted. The key ideologies that are semantic sources for the promotion of individualism and alienation are identified. Such are the propaganda practices of the liberal, neoliberal and capitalist types. The historical, economic and political roots of social development and culture in the studied directions are determined, such as: the transition of human civilization to a global industrial and market economy; the formation of a post-industrial, information and postmodern society. All the analyzed cultural products are combined into a generalized picture of a value-semantic phenomenon that is based on the principles of mythological and religious thinking, on various ideological sources, but is not an ideology in itself, does not form a complex worldview and, due to its characteristics, leads to negative consequences for society.

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